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Updated: 4:30pm AEST on Thursday, 9 April 2020

  • The Government has passed legislation for the $130 billion JobKeeper Payment to keep more Australians in jobs and support businesses affected by the Coronavirus. Read more.
  • The Federal Government has released the modelling behind Australia’s Coronavirus response. It shows how the virus could spread through the Australian population under different scenarios but does not predict the future or factually represent Australia’s current position. Early data suggests physical distancing and other measures taken in Australia are slowing the growth in cases to a point where the health system can meet expected demand.
  • Public gatherings, excluding household members, have been reduced to a maximum of two people. Check State and Territory websites for further enforcement information.
  • Everyone should stay home unless you are: shopping for what you need, receiving medical care, exercising or travelling to work or education. Read more.
  • During the Easter period, places of worship must remain closed to the public. Services will be streamed and only clergy and those formally involved in services or streaming are permitted to attend.

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政府已经通过了1300亿美元的就业补贴 (JobKeeper) 法案,以保证更多的澳大利亚人就业,并支持受冠状病毒影响的企业。阅读更多。

联邦政府已经发布了澳大利亚冠状病毒反应背后的模型 (the modelling behind Australia’s Coronavirus response)。它显示了病毒在不同情况下如何在澳大利亚人群中传播,但并不能预测未来,也不能真实地代表澳大利亚目前的状况。早期数据显示,在澳洲,人与人之间有效的物理距离、采取的其他措施正在减缓病例的增长,使卫生系统能够满足预期的需求。

针对于以新冠病毒 (COVID-19) 为噱头的网络活动有所增长,一些网站或 APP 制作了与新冠病毒相关的主题或板块,它们让用户安装软件,或者窃取用户的个人资料和个人银行信息。了解更多关于保护自己免受网络犯罪,或报告网络犯罪

战疫内阁 (The National Cabinet) 已同意,各州和领地将对商业租约实施强制性行为准则 (Code of Conduct for commercial tenancies)(PDF 240Kb)。

公共集会,不包括家庭成员,已经减少到最多两个人。查看州和领地的网站 (State and Territory websites) 以获取进一步的执法信息。

每个人都应该呆在家里,除非你是:购买所需物品 (可以不是必需品),接受医疗护理,锻炼 (合规,意思不太明确,尺度不好把握,所以还是在家锻炼吧) 或去上班或上学。阅读更多。


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