为什么 12 月 11 日是分手最常见的日子

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Why December 11 is the most common day for break ups

the most common day 最常见的日子
break up 分手

Christmas time is supposed to be all about love and celebration.

Yet it seems the festive season is also the most common time of the year relationships tend to fall apart.

tend 【高中】v. 倾向于,往往会;照顾,护理;走向,趋向;<美>招待,照料(商店、酒吧等的顾客)
fall apart 崩溃,四分五裂,散架,土崩瓦解

Break ups are an inevitable part of life, but according to the statistics, there is one particular day that is the worst for relationship breakdowns.

inevitable【CET4】adj.不可避免的; 必然发生的; 必然(发生)的

an inevitable part of life 生活中不可避免的一部分
according to the statistics 据统计

particular【高中】 adj. 特定的; 特殊的; 格外的; 挑剔的
n. 细节; 详细资料

After analysing social media posts detailing break ups, data experts claim December 11 is the most common day for couples to call it quits.

Research has uncovered December 11 is an acceptable date to break someone’s heart as it’s “close but not too close” to Christmas.

acceptable【高中】adj. 可接受的,(大多数人)认同的;合意的,令人满意的;

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Christmas time forces some couples to reflect on the year and realise their issues still haven’t been resolved.

reflect【高中】v. 反射(光、热或声音);反映,照出(影像);显示,表明;

realise【初中】vt. 认识到,明白

“I think as the year ends couples break up because they assume that the underlying issues they had in their relationship would have been fixed by now and they dread carrying the same issues into a new year,” dating expert Renee Slansky told the publication.
约会专家 Renee Slansky 在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示:“我认为,随着一年的结束,情侣们会分手,因为他们认为他们关系中的潜在的问题到现在应该已经解决了,他们害怕把同样的问题带入新的一年。”

assume【高中】v. 假定,假设,认为;装出,做出;承担,就职;呈现,具有;夺取,篡夺

underlying【CET6】adj. 根本的,潜在的;表面下的,下层的;优先的;(数量或水平)实际的
v. 位于…的下面;构成…的基础(underlie 的现在分词形式)
the underlying issues 潜在的问题

dread【 CET6 】v. 畏惧,担心;<古>敬畏
n. 害怕,畏惧;令人生畏的人,可怕的事物;(鸥鸟等鸟群的)惊飞,惊起;
adj. 令人生畏的,可怕的;恼火的,生气的

“We tend to use this time of the year to reflect and ask ourselves what we really want and what’s not working out and then make decisions to either continue or end.”

what’s not working out 什么是行不通的

Psychologist Marny Lishman also offered insight into why December 11 has been dubbed “break up day”, explaining the busy time of year puts a lot of pressure on couples.
心理学家 Marny Lishman 也给了一个见解,为什么每年的12月11日被称为“分手日”,他解释说这是一年中最忙的时候,会给情侣们带来很多压力。

insight into 洞察

“In many cases people can become quite overwhelmed, which can lead to feelings of stress,” Lishman told the newspaper. “And when people are stressed, they can become disconnected, irritable, and unhappy.”
Lishman 告诉该报,“在很多情况下,人们会变得不知所措,从而导致压力感。”,“当人们感到压力时,他们会变得疏离、易怒和不快乐。”

overwhelmed【 CET4】adj. 被压倒的,被淹没的;(强烈地影响而使) 不知所措的
v. (情感)难以禁受;使应接不暇;淹没,漫过(overwhelm 的过去式和过去分词)
lead to 导致
disconnected 疏离 adj. 分离的;不连贯的;无系统的
v. 分离(disconnect 的过去分词)
irritable adj. 易怒的,急躁的;(身体部位或器官)过敏的;(生物机体)应激性的

The stress of gift-giving can also cause relationships to implode in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

gift-giving 送礼
implode【GRE】vt. 使内爆
vi. 向内破裂;内爆;崩溃

Dr Dorree Lynn told ABC News spending Christmas together is an “intimate” experience for couples, and those who won’t go the distance tend to realise this around December 11.

“If you’re not sure, particularly if you haven’t been dating for several years, a lot of people have issues about gift-giving and how intimate the gift-giving is,” Lynn explained.

“They get frightened because they don’t want to put pressure on the other person, but on the other hand they don’t want to feel like a fool giving something and not getting anything back.”

A UK survey also found most people believe the last acceptable day before Christmas to initiate a break up is December 6.

Other than this date, couples have found the next optimal time to split up is mid-March.


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–Why December 11 is the most common day for break…

–Why December 11 is the most common day for break…


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